End of Summer Newsletter

I know, I know, I'm late posting a newsletter...again!  Sorry folks, with everything going on around here, I just haven't found the time until now.  Thankfully, Lunesity has written a well thought out rough draft for me to work off of! Thanks lune!
I want to start off my saying that it's been a pleasure to watch this community flourish within the last 7 months.  It's rare to have such a large base of truly dedicated players that care for each other on an unwhitelisted server.  You guys have helped to create something really special and I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me, the staff, and the community.  Thank you all! <3
That said, let's jump right on into the news!

Upcoming Events

-- Dragons Month --
During the month of September, Bear will be hosting Dragon themed events!  These include one dragon themed movie every week during that month and a HUGE treasure hunt with over 800 chests!  There will also be a huge dragon series on sale during the whole month.  You can find more information about these events here.

-- The Defenders Event --
We're going to watch The Defenders serie together through August 20th-28th, see IAmBlackbears post for more info!

-- The Orb News --
The new Orb series is out and this rounds theme is Assassin's Creed!  As an added bonus, all previous Orb sets are also available during this round only!
Most of you have realized that the Token -> Orb trader has been removed from the Trade Room.  Siuan did this in an attempt to nerf the amount of OP stuff on the server.  These items are supposed to be rare.  That said, since many people were upset at the removal of The Orb trader, I'd like to announce that in the next maze, you will be able to find Orbs and get them once a week!  The percentage of The Orb's in the crate will be slightly raised as well.  

-- Mob Houses --
We are working on new Mob Houses for the players to enjoy, this time with mob houses of varying Themes such as Ocean, Sky and more for the players to search for and raid for Discontinued Rewards or extremely rare items!
For those who don't know, Mob Houses is an event that we put on every other month or so.  Staff creates and then pastes multiple Mob Houses randomly around the map.  Each one has lots of mobs to battle through and even some custom mobs!  They are all raidable and griefable.  There will be signs outside each house stating that it is an official Mob House!
Keep an eye on the forums for the announcement!

Current Events

-- LOTR Themed Treasure Hunt --
Due to the increase in our player base, some players did not find anything even with there being almost 400 chests!  As such, the next Treasure Hunt map will be much bigger and we plan to have almost 1,000 chests this time! You can expect the next treasure hunt to last much longer than this time!  Our dev Twiz has made a plugin that will make chests disappear after being looted.  No more finding chests just to see that someone else found it before you!

-- Abandoned Ruins Build Competition --
The Abandoned Ruins Build Competition may be old news for some of you, but for those who don't know currently the Ruins Build Event is running and you can find more info here.

-- LOTR Fan Art Comepetition --
We like to occasionally run events outside of the game so that more players can partake and to offer up something different.  Cue the Art Contest!  There are quite a few artists on the server, so test your skills against others for a chance to win a custom Prefix in game and one of a kind OP items in the theme of Lord of the Rings.  For more information on this contest, see here.

-- Maze Revamp and plans for Halloween! --
The Maze has been here for a while now and it's time to pack away the Windsong and bring a new reward, we heard your complaints about how Windsong was not satisfying enough so this time we have made a real reward for you all to earn from your misery in the maze, and with the maze changing, we have a new Maze coming for halloween named "The Death Maze" created by Siuan which will be a 4 layer maze with monsters and basically hell on earth, we hope you enjoy mazes!!!!!

Server News

-- Changes to Current Events --
We will be reducing how often we run the Falling Crate Keys event.  We feel that they're being done too often and reward too much.  We didn't want to reduce the rewards of the event, but we will be spacing them out more. We used to do 1-2 per week on average, but now you can expect one a week perhaps every 2 weeks, but not all is lost! We have plenty of other events for you all to participate in.

-- Changes to Donator Trade Tokens --
We are looking to make changes to the Donator Trade Tokens to be more powerful than the Special Trade Tokens as we feel the current way we have designed them is disappointing for many players, so the rewards from these will become more powerful, but they will also have their own shortcomings, too.

-- Changes to current and future "OP" items --
We have come to agree that the current items and way it has been going is a little too crazy, we're going to be changing how the current OP items and future OP items will be designed, bringing them all their own bonuses and shortcomings such as a very powerful item hindering you at the cost of it's power or whatever that item is designed to be like. For example (not a real item) Big Nutty Boulder +50 Attack Damage with -150% movement speed, just to help you get a better grasp on what we intend to do with this.  We will likely be making all of the future OP items unrepairable and unechantable.  There will be some exceptions of course, but just a heads up!

-- Changes to the Vote Rank /homes --
We have had a lot of suggestions to do this and we agreed with a lot of you, so we decided to change the Vote Ranks and how many homes they get, and now you will earn +1 /sethome per vote rank as you progress.
Homes per Rank
     ○ Guest: 1
     ○ Citizen: 2
     ○ Novice: 3
     ○ Apprentice: 4
     ○ Veteran: 5
     ○ Captain: 6
     ○ Hero: 7
     ○ Eternal: 8

-- New Collectible Head Series --
The Lord of the Rings collectible series has about run it's course.  There is a poll open asking you to vote for the next head series.  Please vote here.

-- Our new Helpers and Moderators! --
We have 6 new staff members, and 2 Not-Newly Promoted Moderators!
We'd like to thank our new Mods IamJoachim and IAmPandaEternal for their dedication and love for Swancraft and congratulate them for earning Moderator, you two have been a massive help the server and we are so proud to have you as our new Moderators, and on that note -
We also have 6 new Helpers to welcome to the staff team, TheButteryDragon, Turtaro, Lunesity, LordFireFlare, CallMeNovaGirl, and James_NI!
You all have shown a lot of care and willingness to help with just about everything and we are happy to welcome all of you to the staff team, we know you will do great as Helpers!

-- Helper Applications! --
Most of you may know by now, but we are always now taking Helper Applications.  Even if you don't get Accepted, as long as you're not Denied you are still on our watch list and we will keep an eye on you as possible future staff!  Please be advised that you must be a member of the community for over 1 month to apply.  Be sure to read all of the information provided to the left of the application form!  Apply here

-- Website Makeover --
Siuan is currently in talks with a web designer who specializes in enjin webpage design.  She is also still searching for a suitable artist, as the one she had hoped to hire dropped out of the project.  Once an artist is found and their pieces completed, the web designer will begin work on the website.  You should not see much changes happening as he will be doing everything on hidden pages that are unaccessible to anyone besides Admins.  This entire project will cost roughly $600+, which is already set aside from your generous donations to the server.  We hope that you all will be pleased with the outcome!

-- Staff Evaluations --
The survey page on the website is back up and running!  There are 7 surveys on there that we ask you all to fill out when you have the time.  None of them should take too long to complete, 3-5 minutes on each seems about the average.  There is one for each of the Admin team members, one for the Helper Team, one for the Moderator Team, and a general Player Questionnaire.  All responses to these surveys are 100% anonymous so don't be afraid to give us your honest feedback!  These surveys will be shared privately with each of their respective staff members.  In future newsletters, I will include some common complaints/suggestions/compliments that we receive via the Player Questionnaire, as well as what we are going to do to improve.  The surveys can be found on this page.

Bug Fixes, Command Fixes, and Minor News

-- Why does it seem like everything is breaking?! --
As some of you have gathered through chat and various forum posts, we have been experiencing some technical issues of late.
These include:
     ○ Cannot buy your own head in the headshop, /skull is not working
     ○ Most players do not receive rewards if they vote offline.
     ○ Vote streaks seem to be completely broken.
     ○ Some banned players are able to join again even though their ban time is not up.
All of these things are a result of one problem, and that is UUIDs.  A UUID is an identification number given to each official minecraft account that never changes.  For official accounts, it is called your online UUID.  For cracked accounts, it is an offline UUID.  Now, all minecraf accounts have both an online and offline UUID.  This is what allows you to change your name, but keep your rank, votes, and all the other things.  For some bizarre reason, there is something within our server that is forcing plugins to pull both the online and offline UUID, thus creating double player files for each affected player.  Louie is working diligently to narrow down the cause of this and he is making some strides, but it will still take a bit of time to get it sorted out.  We ask that you please be patient with us while we work to fix this issue.

-- Fixes --
○ /ignore now properly functions.
○ /afk no longer appears in chat, but will still appear if you are messaged.
○ /v has been changed to /vote.  This is a result of a plugin author update which was done because /v conflicts with too many other plugins.
Head Vouchers have been fixed for the Crate Keys Event
A few plugins have been updated
Disabled /m pay (was causing server lag)
Dying 3 times within 30 seconds will cause your death messages to no longer appear
Attempted to fix Offline Voting, it works occasionally you just have to get lucky, we still suggest that you don't vote offline.
Louie216 is 101% more Nutty
Louie216 is going to ibiza (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

-- Minor News --
○ /warp witherskeleton has been fixed and is now running again for Eternal Vote Rank players.  You can alternatively use /wither.
○ /warp blaze has been updated to have more spots for you to kill them at
○ /warp rtp now has Steve Carell "Teleports of Randomness" which are changed semi-weekly.
○ We have a new head plugin, you can access it with /heads
○ /warp traderoom now has a Shulker Box fixer for players with /stack or want to sell them in their shop, go to the far right corner and use the box on the sign, and exchange it for the same colored box with no tags!
○ There are two new traders in the TradeRoom that will replace your broken special OP heads! You can find them on the second floor on the TradeRoom.
○ Pvris Album releases on the 25th of August (No one really cares though.)
○ Temporary /hats of Charisma, Siuan and IAmBlackBear have been removed.
○ Hats have been temporarily removed from the TradeRoom while Bear works on a new and updated set.
○ /me has been removed to cut down on the amount of messages in chat.  Siuan is still debating adding it back, but with some limitations in place.

-- Why can't I /mail or /msg Siuan? Does she even care about my problems? --
I'm sure some of you have noticed and are wondering why you can't PM me in game.  Most of the time, I toggle my private messages off.  This is simply because if I don't, it takes me 3 times as long to get my work done.  I have also disabled my /mail permanently as it isn't efficient for me to communicate that way.  While I would love to have a chat with you guys or listen to your concerns, in game PMs and the /mail system are not the best tools for me to keep track of my correspondences.  It's very hard for me to focus when I am constantly receiving PMs or have (no kidding) 40 mails to read and respond to in game.  It is just not efficient for me.  That coupled with the fact that I have fibromyalgia which often leaves me with what we call "fibro fog" makes it very difficult for me to keep track of chatting.  Fibro fog makes concentrating and remembering things quite diffucult for me at times.  I ask that you please ask another staff member your question and they will divert it to me if they can't answer it.  More often than not, they know the answer. :) If it's a sensitive topic or something you are sure only I can help you with, please PM me on the forums, they are much easier for me to manage.  I still get a lot of them, so if I don't respond right away, I'm not ignoring you! I promise!

-- Siuan's Personal Goals for the Near Future --
○ Find dedicated hosting
○ Communicate better with the staff team on forums.
○ Communicate better with players in game and on forums.
○ Clone myself.
○ Find an artist for the website.  (harder than it sounds)
○ Start on the death maze.  This is going to be a monstrous migraine for me to make, but in the end it'll be worth it to see all of you trudging around in your misery! mwuhahaha!
○ Take some time off for once...maybe?  Probably not.
As always, thanks for playing and I hope you have had a wonderful summer here at SwanCraft!
JokerNFo I am not much help in most areas! However if you would like some thoughts on dedicated hosting please contact me. (I may...
elle2 o 4 layer maze?! I'm getting maze sickness just thinking about it. The current one already has me malfunctioning afte...
[Moderator] IAmPandaEternal Lovely! Looking forward to what the future brings:)

Event Week

[Admin] IAmBlackBear
IAmBlackBear @ SwanCraft
posted Jul 3, 17

Event Week!

Starting Tuesday July 4th there will be a week of events!

  • Music Night! On Tuesday July 4th at 6pm EST there will be a music night on Dubtrack! This event will last around 2 hours! Come join and listen to music with your friends! Click here to go to dubtrack (please note any highly inappropriate/troll songs will be skipped and result in you being banned from dubtrack until the event ends this is strictly music only)
  • Falling Crate Keys Event! On Wednesday July 5th at 3pm EST there will be a falling crate keys event! We have added new items to drop. Join the event for a chance to win Swan keys, Donation keys, Head vouchers, BS tokens, and Donator trade tokens!
  • Mob Arena! On Thursday July 6th at 11pm EST there will be a mob arena even hosted by Zyp! Come fight monsters with your friends and get tons of mob drops!
  • Movie Night! On Friday July 7th at 8pm EST there will be a movie night event. The movie being show is Step Brothers! Come watch a movie with friends of SwanCraft!
  • TREASURE HUNT! On Saturday July 8th at 1pm EST there will be a massive treasure hunt event! Join for a chance to earn tons of ingame items, Priemer Shop plots, Spawners, Donation gift cards and more!
  • First Creative World Build Event! On Sunday July 9th will be the start of a creative world building event. This event will be for the server movie theater if you win your build will be used for /warp movie! (There will be a post explaining this more on forums in the near future)
TeenageNerdMan any news on when the post expalining building will be up?
RicoDaBuilder o I'm probs gunna miss the mob event tonight cuz ill have to stay up until like 4 am in the morning for it Well unles...
[Helper] AlondraYuki i just realized i work till 1pm for the treasure hunt D:

:: July Newsletter ::


We are in 1.12 (!!!!) and with this comes a lot of changes to the server!

World Expansion
We have expanded the world by 5k blocks in each direction to ensure that players will have the opportunity to find parrots, one of the new mobs that was introduced in 1.12. This change also incldues a whole new bunch of undiscovered structures like sea temples, villages, and more!

Vote Streak Rewards
One of the things our community focuses a lot on is voting, and we've taken steps to assure that our players get rewarded for the votes they give to our server, and we are doing this by introducing vote streak rewards. These are rewards that you can get for achieving a certain amounts of days in a row of voting. The rewards will gradually become better the more days in a row you vote!  Every 7 days of continuous voting you will receive a new Reward Box!  Have fun voting!

Creative World!!!
It's finally here!  After 6 months of putting it off, we have a creative world!  If you are the rank Captain or above / Elite and above, you'll have access to a brand new creative world with 100x100 plots.

Vote Commands

New vote commands! /vote, /vote total, /vote last, /vote ?

Rank-up Rewards
Some of the items you receive after ranking up by voting have been changed and been made more worth the time you've put in to achieve them. This affects items such the Captains HonourBlade.  Players will likely receive any milestone rewards they've previously achieved again.  This means if you have already surpassed the required vote amount for Citizen rank, you will receive that milestone reward again.  There will be a lot of spam, but there is nothing to be done about that.  It's just a goofy thing from changing vote plugins.  You are allowed to keep the secondary rewards!

/kit hero and /eternal
Kit hero and kit eternal have been revamped to now be a daily kit instead of a weekly kit. The contents of the kits have also been changed.

A New Town Hall
Theres a new town hall for all the towns of the servers, with oppurtunity to advertise your town in a better way.

Donation Crate Items Change
The donation crate has also had a revamp, and items have been added to make the crate more lucrative.

1.12 Donator Trade Kits
Another thing we have added are some new 1.12 donator trade kits, which include items from the new update such as glazed terracotta and concrete! These can be found at the donator token trader at /warp TradeRoom

Donator Trade Tokens and Special Trade Tokens
BS tokens and donator trade tokens have been changed, leaving the old tokens useless. These can however be exchanged at /warp traderoom for the new type of tokens that will be used.

To celebrate the grand re-opening of the server and our 1.12 launch, there will be a sale on the Donation Store of 20% off everything until July 9th!

Coming Soon

  • An entire week of events!  Bear will post more details soon.
  • A new Head Shop plugin!  We are currently waiting on the author of a Head Shop plugin to add support for custom named items to be used as currency.  This will allow us to simply just continue using the Head Vouchers without having to find another system.  There will be over 5,000 heads in this plugin so get ready to use those vouchers!
  • A new Spawn building!  It's going to be magnificent folks!

Thank You's

A big THANK YOU is owed to Louie216 for all the time and effort he's put into making sure we are updated on schedule and with minimal problems.  Be sure to blow him a big KISS in game! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Thank you to Bear and Joachim for revamping the old HeadShop building into a Town Warp Hall!

Thank you to Joachim for helping me write this post and being me and Bear's assistant!

Thank you to Lolika_ and Capistein who are currently building the Creative Spawn and the New Spawn Building, respectively.

Thank you to all of staff for helping to work out bugs, generate new terrain, and help design things around the map!  You are all awesome!

And lastly a great big THANK YOU to all of you!  You are what make this community great!

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