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June Newsletter

[Owner] Siuan posted Jun 7, 17

Hello June!

My favorite month! The start of summer and my birthday! :D
There will be a sale in the donation shop until the end of the day on June 11th EST.  25% Off everything!
I just wanted to touch base with you all and let ya know what's been going on recently and what is coming up!

What We Are Doing to Stabilize The Server

As the vast majority of you know, the server has not been as stable as we would all like lately.  For those that have been living in a 1x1 hole for the last week or two, the server has been crashing at least once a day.  (Except for today and yesterday) Sometimes, there is a subsequent rollback of 1-3 hours.  I would like to reassure everyone that we are doing everything in our power to diagnose and fix the issues.  Louie & T  wiz are currently testing a number of things to see what the cause is.

Some measures we have taken to decrease lag and our chances of crashing.

  • Max player count has been lowered to 70.  I know this may be inconvenient, but it is essential for the health of the server right now.  All staff, donator ranks, and vote rank of Veteran and above will be able to join the server, regardless of whether it's full or not.
  • Players are being asked NOT to AFK farm at this time.  Since there are a limited amount of slots right now, if the server is full, staff will be kicking any players that they see AFK farming.  If you are not actively playing, please log off to free up your slot.
  • AFK kick has been lowered to 15 minutes.
  • More entity types have been added to the automatic 60 entities per chunk limit.
  • Players are being asked not to have more than 100 entities loaded within their loaded area.
  • The server is scheduled to restart every 8 hours.


Get your creative juices flowing with our two current events!

Survival Build Contest
Theme: Nature
Deadline for submission: June 30th 23:59 EST
Winner receives The Cultivators Pack!  Essential Tools for the Serious Landscapers
Trade Token Shop Competition
Create your own Token Shop item!
Winners receive their name on the item in the shop and get their item for free!
Deadline for submission: Monday June 12.

Our Newest Staff Members

We have 3 new staff members that haven't been properly introduced. :-D

I'd like to officially welcome tWizT3d_Bread, CookLord, and Louie216 to the staff team!

Twiz joined us about a month ago when Charisma reached out to him for help.  We were in dire need of a proper Dev, as I just do not have the techinical know-how to efficiently diagnose issues and fix them.  Twiz came to our rescue and he immediately dove in to helping us fix some issues with the server.  He has been an invaluable asset ever since.  You can thank him for the new Falling Crate plugin! :D That was entirely his creation. 

Cook joined the staff team roughly 3 weeks ago, and I must say that he has been a great addition!  So much so that he has already been promoted to Mod!  If you ever need a scrumptious cake made, Cook is your man!

Two weeks ago, we ran into a bit of trouble with a hacker, and that's when our second Dev came to rescue us.  Louie used his considerable skillz to help us secure the server and all of our accounts.  Now if that wasn't enough, turns out he actually knows some things!  Shocker, I know!  He was promoted to Dev to help Twiz and I with all the back end pluginy stuff. I sometimes wonder if I made the right choice, or doomed us all.  (JK Louie JK!) We all love our Dookie Policeman!

The Search for Additional Helpers

Helper Applications are open again!
Click here to go to the Application section.  Please read the Helper Application Info & Form thread!
Application Deadline: June 16, 2017

New Collectible Head Series

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Doctor Who head series!  It's coming very soon!
There will be an announcement in the /motd when it's ready!

Survey Results

The Staff Team Survey results are in!
We had 49 responses.   That's 1 less than last round, but we had a much higher completion rate.
I'd like to share our average scores for the ranked questions and some of the reoccuring themes I saw within the comments.
Overall Staff Performance:  7.82/10
Staff Responsiveness to Players: 7.21/10
Staff Effectiveness at Relaying Information to Players: 7.92/10
Staff Professionalism: 7.27/10
Do you feel like the staff team listens to your suggestions or opinions?
  • Yes: 41%
  • Somewhat: 41%
  • N/A: 10%
  • No: 8%

Would you say that staff work together as a team to get the job done?

  •  Yes:45%
  •  Somewhat: 24%
  •  No: 18%
  •  I don't know: 12%

Reoccuring comments & How I think we can improve

Is there anything you think the staff could do better?

  • Not be so hypocritical - (Staff telling players they can't do something, but then that staff member does that exact thing later on.)
    • Hold ourselves to (at minimum) the same standards that we hold players.
    • Reminders that we set the example for how we want players to act.
  • Pay more attention to chat.
    • Make sure we are keeping an eye out for questions and try not to get distracted by TeamSpeak chatter.
    • Players: If a staff member doesn't respond to your PM, there could be a number of reasons why.
      1. They simply didn't see it. (Our chat has about twice the amount of content in it that main chat.  Admins and Owners have even more.)
      2. They are helping someone else.
      3. They are AFK.
    • If you need to ask a staff member something and they didn't respond the first time, please use the mail system. /mail send [user] [message]  This will help us better help you by still being able to respond, even if it isn't immediate.
  • Be more professional and mature.
    • Tone down on the trolling and be professional when it's needed.
    • Reminders that we set the example for how we want players to act.
    • (This being said, I do not expect nor want my staff team to be professional businesslike people 24/7.   They are here for the same reason you are, to have fun!)
  • Be more responsive to players concerns or questions.
    • Work on reducing response time on the forums.
    • Encourage players to post on the forums so their questions/concerns do not get lost or forgotten about.
  • Not show favoritism to certain players.
    • Reminders at every staff meeting to not show favoritism.  Yes, we all have our favorite players and friends, but everyone should be treated equally.
    • Address situations with staff members showing favoritism, if they arise.

On the plus side, many people said we were hardworking and very welcoming. :-D

I hope you all have a happy June and are looking forward to the summer as much as I am!!

AlondraYuki look at this team, we're gonna do great.
CrystalGreen3 WOW! Now I see why this server is so popular. Amazing work of the people who stands behind. Actually in last 7 years I s...

Staff Evaluations

[Owner] Siuan posted May 12, 17

Staff Evaluations

It's that time again!

Staff Evaluations are back online!

Head on over to the Surveys page to give us your feedback!

The Evaulations will be available for about a month.  Results from the individual evals will be shared privately with the respective staff member.  During one of our staff meetings, we will go over the results of the Staff Team Eval and brainstorm ways to improve.  I will also share some of the feedback we receive with all of you via the forums, whether it be good or bad. (Anonymously, of course!)

All responses are 100% anonymous, so please be honest.

We appreciate you taking your time to complete these as your feedback is invaluable to us!  SwanCraft is nothing without it's amazing community members!

BoboQuest Is there a reason what some of the staff are missing from the survey page? I'm comparing with this list - http://ww...


Please join me in welcoming tWizT3d_dreaMr to our community!  He goes by Twiz and is our new Developer!  He has been helping us figure out some of the issues we've been having and we'd like to keep him on to help with any future issues!
If you see him in game, be sure to give him a shout out!
Congrats and Welcome to SwanCraft!

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